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This package includes everything you need to get started.

Step-by-Step Guide
Your Family History - Step-by-step-guide
Workbook to organise your Family History research
Your Family History - Workbook

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The Guide and Workbook Package from Family History Australia is the perfect tool for anyone looking to delve into their family‘s past.

This comprehensive, A4-sized package includes a detailed guidebook and accompanying workbook designed to help you get started in tracing your family tree and uncover your unique heritage.

The guidebook offers step-by-step instructions on how to conduct genealogy research, tips for navigating online databases, and strategies for organizing and analysing your findings. It also includes a timeline and checklist to keep you on track throughout your research journey.

The accompanying workbook is the perfect companion to the guidebook, providing space for you to record your research and notes. With helpful charts, templates, and worksheets, the workbook makes it easy to keep track of your progress and stay organized as you uncover your family‘s history.

If you‘re a beginner just starting your genealogy journey looking for techniques and resources, the Guide and Workbook Package from Family History Australia has something for everyone. Start exploring your ancestry today!

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  1. Patricia O’Donnell (Verified Customer)

    I’ve been doing my family’s history for a few years and wish your books were available when I started. Everything is so structured and easy to follow. The charts are great for having everything at your fingertips, seeing how far you’ve got and what is missing.
    I will be taking them to my family history group and recommending them to other people.

  2. Colin M. (Verified Customer)

    Professional and helpful will really help with organizing and building my tree

  3. Janine M. (Verified Customer)

    Prompt delivery. Easy to read and follow books. They will be well utilised. Thank you

  4. Glenda (Verified Customer)

    I love these books. Easy to follow step by step guide with great tips to get started along with lots relevant information. The workbook is great too.

  5. Wendy Simes (Verified Customer)

    It is clear and simple just what a beginner needs

  6. Daena S. (Verified Customer)

    I am really pleased, excellent , just what I needed. Very fast delivery.

  7. Julie H. (Verified Customer)

    Love these books so helpful

  8. Megan Birkholz (Verified Customer)

    Always pleased with what I have ordered from Marilyn Rowan, with this package and certificates of familyBDms

  9. Christine Howison (Verified Customer)

    Well set out and presented, easy to follow two very good books.

  10. Denise Corbridge (Verified Customer)

    My purchase experience was good. The bonus was that when my online purchase wasn’t going through on my iPad, I could request a phone call to me. It was great to have a chat to Chris. Being able to speak to the provider of a service is first class customer service.

  11. Terry C. (Verified Customer)

    This is the guide that I wish I had two years ago when I first started my family history research — the wrong way! I reckon this book could have saved me at least eighteen months out of that two year journey.

  12. Graham Ayton (Verified Customer)

    Well thought out information put forward in book

  13. Susan Kolc (Verified Customer)

    I have found it interesting

  14. John (Verified Customer)

    plenty of good tips on navigating the long road to getting results in family history

  15. Carl Stewart (Verified Customer)

    Marilyn, thanks for the workbooks. At this stage I am still going through them. I have a lot of information both on the computer and printed. Really needs a lot more organising so I will be utilising the workbook information to sort it out.
    Is there a computer programme, eg. excel that helps in the number cataloging and cross referencing?
    I use family tree.

    Carl Stewart

  16. Ian Kendall (Verified Customer)

    A good basic introduction to family history research, in clear, non-jargon language very suitable for a beginner.

  17. Patricia E. (Verified Customer)

    The step by step book is very well done, easy to read and understand. It has reminded me of a few websites to go to that had fallen off my radar.

  18. Kathy Cooper (Verified Customer)

    Speedy delivery with Aust Post. Great information in the guide, and the workbook is great- just downloaded so I don’t mess it up!! Now to correct my mistakes. Thanks Marilyn and Peter

  19. Terrie (Verified Customer)

    Very happy with the Family History books I received

  20. Irene Gannon (Verified Customer)

    I found both workbooks excellent. The guide is extremely helpful and will help with all the knowledge i am persuing.The workbook is fabulous. As I am all over the place with my files at the moment and am revising them to make them user friendly, I will make use of this as a permanent record for my children.

  21. Gwyneth vyner (Verified Customer)

  22. kath perry (Verified Customer)

    I have found the information and forms very helpful, wish I had these books when I first started out, it is so easy to follow. Thank you. Regards Kath

  23. Lorraine Marshall (Verified Customer)

    The step-by-step guide is very helpful, & the workbook is excellent.

  24. Cherie Bird (Verified Customer)

    I found it very informative and helpful, I would recommend the workbook package to anyone,

  25. Kay W. (Verified Customer)

    Good Information & great value for money, gave one to my granddaughter for her family history adventures

  26. Christine Mines (Verified Customer)

    Fantastic detail, great information

  27. Ronald Durie (Verified Customer)

    Very helpful info thanks

  28. KATHRYN SMITH (Verified Customer)

    Both the Information Book and the Work Book are amazing. Anyone starting out the Family Genealogy should have a set of these. Lots of valuable tips and information. The Work Book is clearly set out. I purchase several extra workbooks for various branches of the Family. The price was amazing to. Easily affordable.

  29. Keith Roach (Verified Customer)

    Definitely value for money.

  30. VICKY S. (Verified Customer)

    Great guide for beginners

  31. Larry McAllister (Verified Customer)

    So far I have only had the opportunity to glance through both books but so far it looks pleasing.

  32. Lynn Quinn (Verified Customer)

    Too late for me but intend to pass on to grandkids for them to make a start

  33. Marilyn S. (Verified Customer)

    Thank you so much. I am finding these booklets so informative and handy. They really help with putting my family tree together and where my ancestors fit in to the family.

  34. Terri Bowman (Verified Customer)

    Quick delivery, easy to order and the info in the books are really helpful.

  35. Roger Pearson (Verified Customer)

    I haven’t had a close look yet but at first glance looks to be an excellent publication.

  36. Kerrie-Lee Warnes (Verified Customer)

  37. john coughlan (Verified Customer)

    excellent addition to my library

  38. cathleen Jackson (Verified Customer)

    The books are great for beginners and advanced, there is a benefit for anyone

  39. Raelene (Verified Customer)

    I found both the Step-by-Step Guide and the Workbook extremely easy to follow. The instructions were clear and concise and followed logically. I would highly recommend this package for any beginner to Family History.

  40. BRIAN TAMSETT (Verified Customer)

    These publications are excellent. I wish I had them when I first started out, particularly the guide.

  41. Sharon (Verified Customer)

    The 2 books are well written, and very helpful and good value for money. The staff were able to answer my enquires in a professional & timely manner. The books arrived on time & the tracking made it easy.

  42. Sandra Mulheron (Verified Customer)

  43. Brenda Hennessy (Verified Customer)

  44. Marina Terese Bennett (Verified Customer)

    I found both were informative and would be suitable not only for beginners but to the advanced researcher. My only complaint that you may consider changing should you reprint my reasoning for this is that people who have impaired vision such as macula degeneration, glaucoma or cataracts find reading light print very difficult black print on white paper is much easier to read. White print on coloured paper is also very difficult.
    I myself have macular degeneration and found the light print very difficult to read otherwise both were excellent.

  45. Dawn Matthews (Verified Customer)

    Even though I’ve been doing Family History for many years, I found your books very interesting and even picked up a few hints. Thank you

  46. Chris (Verified Customer)

    I think both books are well set out to record and keep track of all info, which is often difficult to do

  47. Linda Morse (Verified Customer)

    Great service and product well printed and bound worth the money

  48. WENDY MURPHY (Verified Customer)

  49. Michael (Verified Customer)

    An educational start for your Family History research. An excellent purchase.

  50. Narelle (Verified Customer)

    As usual great service and a helpful resource

  51. Christine S. (Verified Customer)

    Very thorough and easy to follow and the charts are so helpful. Great reference and starting tool.

  52. Daryl Smith (Verified Customer)

    I recommend both these products as essential reading for a genealogist. The step by step guide gives many tips & tricks from an experienced genealogist. The Work book is also very useful tool for the origination of your data.

  53. Diana Rolfe (Verified Customer)

    very informative thankyou

  54. Diana Rolfe (Verified Customer)

    thanks it made me look at things another way round

  55. Colleen (Verified Customer)

    Very comprehensive information. Congratulations!

  56. Rob Walker (Verified Customer)

    I purchased both books for the Wagga Wagga & District Family History Society as I think they will be a good way of introducing our members, and visitors to our research rooms, to a logical way of getting their family history files into a proper order. We recommend transcription agents where we can, and these books demonstrate what is needed.

  57. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  58. Denise B. (Verified Customer)

    Found it informative especially for the next generation that take over after me.

  59. Kevin (Verified Customer)

  60. Lesley ABRAHAMS (Verified Customer)

    Contains some very good tips in a logical manner.

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